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J. Melik

Born and raised in Athens Greece,as a teenager was into music but only until he heard hip hop on a pirate radio and recorded the show into a cassette and listened to it several times, he knew this music was something special.

He really felt the need to evolve and learn more about a music that was so fresh!
The only way to listen to music back in the day was vinyl  so with the first records he
collected, he got into making mix tapes and got addicted to hip hop and the raw beauty this music had.

He started Djing at house party's small bar's while meeting Billa Qause at the neighborhood basketball courts, dubing cassette tapes to him, chilling and listening to hip hop. Eventually he started listening to jazz, funk from his godfathers (W.D RIP) records so he could understand the common music ingredients...

Then he went to serve in the army and after that he worked as an electrician for more than ten years. For personal reasons he stopped working at the factory and from 2006 devoted himself into music and a non profit company (the meet market).

He started playing with the MPC and turntables with MC Yinka and the Urbanix, making beats/playing live with Billa Qause using the samplers more like a live instrument than a looper.

In 2011 he founded the "Beatquick" label with Billa Qause, Kill Emil and Elephant Phinix from which he later released "Vintage Treat", his first personal album and 'Raw Sessions' as a member of Pad Trio.

J.Melik has played as a DJ or member of a group for: MF Doom, Ghostface Killah, DJ Vadim,  Phy Life Cypher, Dub Pistols, Grammatik , Termanology, Wax Taylor, Supernatural and many more.

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