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Madness Key

Madnesskey was born in Athens, Greece in 1987. After many years of listening to and sampling music he decided to study sound engineering at SAE institute from where he got his diploma in 2010. By then he had already started participating in numerous hip hop underground releases, mix-tapes and beat-tapes as a member of the production team of the DIY net label B-MUZIC. Some of his personal work include "Dokimastika Panta" Vol 1 in 2011 and Vol. 2 in 2013, a beat tape in collaboration with Cisco kid, "'Εγκλημα Στα Παρασκήνια" in 2012 and another one in collaboration with Primal entitled "Eyeball & Suspiria" all released via B-Muzic. Characteristic of his sound is the often extreme swing, followed by heavy vibes and chops from around the world, all set up on abstract mixes. Winter 2013 finds him releasing his 3rd personal work via Beatquick entitled "Cat's Eye Nebula".





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