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Mononome was born beneath a summer dawn in 1989 in Thessaloniki,Greece. In 2007 he started making himself familiar with the production of beats and gradually he dedicated himself into producing while taking an audio trip into the roots of Hip-Hop music and where were all this sounds (samples) coming from. In search of "melody" he tried to image it into his music. In 2009 he got in touch wit a couple of friends which would later be forming a group called "Lost In The Woods" which's sound was to become trip-ier and more melodic thanks to a flutist and a female vocalist meandering upon his beats. A group he still continues to make music with and occasionally perform live. Parallel to that, he concentrated on developing his own sound by experimenting and making it the way he thinks it should be in technical terms. A sampler and some vinyl records would be enough to generate the exact sound he had in mind. Late 2011 finds him releasing a sample of his work in the form of an EP called "Dream Sequence" which was an experiment more likely on rhythmic parts than melody and following that, in June 2012, he released his 2nd EP called "The Secret Melody" with help from "Dusted Wax Kingdom", while contributing into various compilations. Winter, 2012 he released "Come Close (EP)" via "Beat Quick" , a trusty blend of Jazz sounds on top of hard drums and chop-loops that came especially from 60's-70's Greek 7" records. June 2013 finds him releasing "A Tale Of 3 Heads". An album that was shaped in collaboration with producers Mr. Moods and Jenova 7, under the "Wax Triptych" moniker. At the end of the day, it's all about constantly "digging" for records and evolving his sound, appreciating the beautiful art that is, sampling.

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