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Pad Trio

Pad Trio were formed in the midst of 2010 by three beatmakers. Billa Qause, J. Melik and Kill Emil. Working on old and new sounds, individually giving their own touch and music perspective on the project, 2012 finds them recording their first album, entitled "Raw Sessions", live. The trio handles samplers, turntables and controllers in order to create their sound, all handled as live instruments, meaning no sequencing is taking place and everything is played simultaneously  by the pressing of the pads. Thus the name "Pad Trio". J. Melik handles the turntables and the chop loops while Billa Qause, being the "drummer" adds the groove on them by handling the drum machine and Kill Emil is responsible of additional sampling, bass while the roles can be switched from track to track on their sets. Pad Trio have played together opening for artists such as Gramatik , Dub Pistols , Wax Tailor , Chinese Man and others. 2013 finds them working on their second project album, "Raw Sessions" Vol.2.

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