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Kill Emil - Lights & Shadows Remixes

01. They Say It's Wonderful (Madness Key Remix)
02. Overture To The Sun (Jenova 7 Remix)
03. Winter Breeze (Frenic Remix)
04. Friday's Child (Proleter Remix)
05. Let's Go (Funky Notes Remix)
06. Rum And Pepper (Mister T Remix)
07. Emptyness (Hugo Kant Remix)
08. Tasting (Je$us Remix)
09. Back Into The Morning (Billa Qause Remix)
10. One For Each (Moderator Remix)
11. That's All (Robot Orchestra Remix)
12. What The Rain Takes Away (Sixfingerz Remix)
13. Smiling Faces (Kognitif Remix)
14. The Great Pretender (mononome Remix)

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