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Yegor Cergei - The Gutter Twinz Remixed

01. Jack The Rapper
02. Gutter Music
03. Gutter Twinz
04. Break free
05. Athens State Of Mind Intro
06. Athens State Of Mind
07. Toothless
08. All About The Μoney
09. Get Your Face Deleted
10. Stuck
11. Goodbye
12. Thank God
13. The Gutter Twinz (Precious Mary Version)


When once a strange man
met the Elephant,
he took his story,
loved it,took care of it
and now brings it back


All Tracks Produced by Yegor Cergei
Lyrics by Elephant Phinix
Original tracks by Noaone
Mixed & Mastered by Yegor Cergei
Artwork by WD ( Wild Drawing / )

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