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Various Artists - We like it raw vol.2

"We Like It Raw Vol. 2" is the 19th release from BeatQuick and a sequel to the first "We Like It Raw" compilation.
Continuing in the tradition of the first installment this is a sequence of unreleased tracks and collaborations from all of the label's artists.


01. J. Melik - sun (raw version)
02. Primal - 60's Jam
03. Billa Qause - Am I Blue_Mononome remix
04. Elephant Phinix - Blind talking to the deaf
05. Kill Emil - What The Rain Takes Away
06. Mononome - Forgot About Me_Billa Qause remix
07. Billa Qause  &  Mononome - Novatropica
08. Madness key - Eternia
09. Primal & Madness - Yin Yang
10. Yegor Cergei with Precious Mary  - Where should we be

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